Majestic !📷

The beautiful Castle Laugharne on the River Coran, South Wales

Added to my Graham Slee kit - this time a Solo Ultra Linear DE headphone amp - superb !

Finally snagged a 1st press of this masterpiece ! Aural bliss 😁

I have the good fortune to have one of these on loan from Graham Slee - and what an absolutely fantastic phono preamp it is !

Fabulous and funky - top drawer Jazz from Buster Williams

Another winter holiday - this time Zakopane, Southern Poland and 2019. Cooking supper over the pit fire after a sleigh ride through the forest.

Remembering a fantastic holiday in 2018 in the Dolomites, North Italy. These were taken from the peak above the Pordoi Pass (after a spectacular cable car ride) - a high point in the Giro D’Italia for all you cycling types !

Golden sunset in Fort William

“Let’s go down to the waterline …”

Wouldn’t it be good if you could also ‘grayscale’ iOS icons !

Thanks for the idea @manton - with this iPhone 12 Pro’s screen I’m also saving power 😁

Geese !

Quick stroll along the canal this frosty morning

A squirrel in the snow - charming wood carving

Whitby Abbey

I snagged the iPhone 12 Pro yesterday - a beast of a phone compared to what I’ve been used to. Loving it 😁

Mac OS Big Sur = Mac OS Big Download Failures :-(

So - we have finally collected our “new to us” caravan. How joyous !!

A Richard & Linda Thompson production !

The album, Living In The Past, is a great way to get a foothold of the joy of Jethro Tull.

As noted by Bruce Eder ..

Along with any of the group’s first five albums, this collection is seminal and essential to any Tull collection, and the only compilation by the group that is a must-own disc.

Chris Rea - possibly one of the most underrated and under appreciated guitarists in the history of the guitar. Another fave artist of mine - fave album definitely being On The Beach the title track of which perfectly evokes a feeling of just that !

Djabe & Steve Hackett - a magical collaboration over a number of albums. My personal fave being Back To Sardinia

A Happy Place 😁

Heavy Horses - a prog classic. This one is a personal fave and is up there with Songs From The Wood imho.