2022-12-22: Daulet Halek - Dombra Dolo Beautiful folk music

2022-11-15: Good ‘Ole Portland Bill Good ‘ole Portland Bill

2022-09-19: Robert Fripp’s Masterpiece This is a superb Prog album - a must listen in my book !

2022-08-03: Off on our hols again ! Well the day after tomorrow we are off on another week’s holiday in the caravan, this time to …

2021-12-15: Technics SL-Q6 - this has been sat on top of a wardrobe gathering dust for 5 years - such a shame !

2021-06-05: Majestic !📷

2021-06-05: The beautiful Castle Laugharne on the River Coran, South Wales

2021-03-10: Added to my Graham Slee kit - this time a Solo Ultra Linear DE headphone amp - superb !

2021-01-26: Finally snagged a 1st press of this masterpiece ! Aural bliss 😁

2021-01-20: I have the good fortune to have one of these on loan from Graham Slee - and what an absolutely …

2021-01-11: Fabulous and funky - top drawer Jazz from Buster Williams

2021-01-05: Another winter holiday - this time Zakopane, Southern Poland and 2019. Cooking supper over the pit …

2021-01-05: Remembering a fantastic holiday in 2018 in the Dolomites, North Italy. These were taken from the …

2021-01-05: Golden sunset in Fort William

2021-01-05: “Let’s go down to the waterline …”

2021-01-04: Wouldn’t it be good if you could also ‘grayscale’ iOS icons !

2021-01-04: Thanks for the idea @manton - with this iPhone 12 Pro’s screen I’m also saving power 😁

2021-01-03: Geese !

2021-01-03: Quick stroll along the canal this frosty morning

2021-01-03: A squirrel in the snow - charming wood carving

2021-01-03: Whitby Abbey

2021-01-03: I snagged the iPhone 12 Pro yesterday - a beast of a phone compared to what I’ve been used to. …

2020-11-13: Mac OS Big Sur = Mac OS Big Download Failures :-(

2020-10-31: So - we have finally collected our “new to us” caravan. How joyous !!

2020-10-19: A Richard & Linda Thompson production !

2020-10-18: The album, Living In The Past, is a great way to get a foothold of the joy of Jethro Tull. As noted …

2020-10-18: Chris Rea - possibly one of the most underrated and under appreciated guitarists in the history of …

2020-10-18: Djabe & Steve Hackett - a magical collaboration over a number of albums. My personal fave being …

2020-10-18: A Happy Place 😁

2020-10-18: Heavy Horses - a prog classic. This one is a personal fave and is up there with Songs From The Wood …

2020-10-18: Fabulous album ! Every Valley by Public Service Broadcasting. Definitely worth checking out !

2020-10-18: ECM Records - more than 4 decades of the greatest contemporary jazz and avant garde music. I love …